$35/hr Package


SUPER DEAL! Get a $10 discount for each session hour purchased, when you buy 11 hours up to 20 hours worth of sessions.

The number of session hours you buy will be kept track of in your account as booking credits and you will receive a coupon code by email, which you can use on future bookings.

(Don’t forget to add to your email address book, so you will receive our email notifications about your appointments.)

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How It Works

Purchase anywhere from 11 hours to 20 hours and get a discount of $10 off of the regular price of $45/hr on each session. So you only pay $35 for each hour.

Upon purchase, you will be sent an email containing a coupon code that you can use to pay for your future bookings with us. It will also show up in your account with us, under “Coupons”.

When you schedule your next booking, the coupon will show up on the checkout page. Just click on the coupon, and the amount of your booking will be subtracted from the total amount on your coupon. You can reuse the coupon code until the balance is used up.

The dollar amount on the coupon will change each time you use it, to show the new balance.




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