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Relax and lay back in one of our recliners or zero-gravity chairs, as you listen to frequency healing music through headphones, and allow the healing energies in the scalar field that fills the room, to assist your body in doing the healing that it needs.

One of the reasons we recommend a minimum 2 hour session, is because it takes 2 hours for the EESystem to increase the millivolts (energy) in all of your cells to a level where they can do their best healing (70-90 millivolts). 



  1. NO electronic devices, cell phones, tablets etc. are allowed to be used in the session room. Please turn them off or leave them in your car.
  2. NO food.
  3. NO drinks (water bottles only)
  4. NO conversation.
  5. NO Smoking.
  6. Please, DO NOT wear perfume or cologne to your session.
  7. Please, stay in your seat (unless nature calls 🙂 )


Our Session Room is for restful napping, meditation, or quiet reflection while allowing your body to heal. Your body does it’s best healing when your eyes are shut and your body and mind are relaxed.


What We Offer:

We have a Biofeedback Pre-Treatment Service, which we do just prior to your session. So be sure to arrive about 15 minutes early, to take advantage of it. It provides just the right frequencies to help bring your systems into balance (homeostasis). The EESystem will enhance those frequencies during your session and make them work even better for you.

To help you relax; we have headphones that play frequency healing music that uses solfeggio tones, which adds another dimension to your healing experience. We have light blankets and eye masks, unless you prefer to bring your own. If you are concerned about someone snoring, you are welcome to bring your own earplugs or we have complimentary ones on site. We also have a couple of cots, if you prefer to lie down (please bring your own pillow).


What You Should Know:

If you have not been doing any detox practices on your own, the EESystem will cause you to detox during your first few visits, so drink lots of water during and after. A Sea Salt bath is also recommended sometime soon after those sessions to help with the detoxing. Epsom Salt (which is magnesium) can be added, but is not a replacement for Sea Salt.

Salt bath mixtures are available for purchase in our office or you can make your own. (Recipe is under General: #1 on our FAQ page.)

It is best if you close your eyes during your session. When your eyes are open, the brain is in gear and the brain uses up to 80% of your body’s energy to function. With your eyes closed, your body can put all that energy towards healing instead.

Note: If something comes up that requires you to re-schedule a scheduled session appointment, you must call us at least 24 hours in advance. We will cancel your appointment and issue you a coupon code to be used to re-schedule. We can not, however, guarantee when a spot will be open for you to re-schedule to.)


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