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The Scalar Health Enhancement Center is open from 12 noon to 8pm on Mondays – Fridays.

Our Address is:

6175 Pagemont Rd.

Kannapolis, NC 28081

(This is a private residence so please only visit during open hours.)

Please Note: We recommend a minimum 2 hour session because greater results are found when you are fully relaxed. It usually takes the first half hour just to quiet your mind so that you can get the best results from the technology.


    1. No electronic devices, cell phones, etc. are allowed to be used in the session room. Please turn them off or leave them in your car.
    2. No conversation.
    3. No food is allowed in the session room but please bring your own water to drink during your session.
    4. No Smoking in or around the facility.

Our Session Room is for restful napping, meditation, or quiet reflection while allowing your body to heal. Your body does it’s best healing when your eyes are shut and your body and mind are relaxed.


What We Offer:

To help you relax; we have headphones that play frequency/meditation music that you may use. If you are concerned about someone snoring, you are welcome to bring your own earplugs or we have complimentary ones on site. We also have light blankets and eye masks, unless you prefer to bring your own.

What You Should Know:

If you have not been doing any detox practices on your own, the EESystem will cause you to detox during your first few visits, so drink lots of water during and after. A sea salt bath is also recommended sometime soon after those sessions to help with the detoxing. Salt bath mixtures are available for purchase in our office.

Are you a Unifyd.TV member?

If you are a Unifyd.TV member, you are entitled to a 10% discount on each purchase. In order to get this discount, please email a copy of your most recent receipt from Unifyd.TV to cs@scalarhealthenhancement.com, and we will send you a coupon code for 10% off, to use when you book your sessions. Remember that the coupon code can only be used once, so you will need to contact us each time you want to purchase sessions, to get the discount.

SESSION PRICING: Book 1-10 hours $45/hr.  Book 11-20 hours $35/hour,   Book 21 or more hours $30/hour. (For Veteran pricing, Contact Us.)


(Each time slot allows up to 12 appointments at a time, as this is the number of lounges we have available to be in use at a time.)


Note: If you have an emergency that requires you to re-schedule a scheduled session appointment, you must call us at least 24 hours in advance. We will cancel your appointment and issue you a coupon code to be used to re-schedule. We can not, however, guarantee when a spot will be open for you to re-schedule to.)




  1. When you click on a date on the calendar, a popup window will display with the available hours for that day.
  2. Click on each individual hour that you want to book for your session. The hours and the total cost will display below the calendar.
  3. You must close that popup, after selecting the hours you want, in order to select another date, or finish filling out the form below and submitting it.
    4. If you are using a coupon code, remember that you can only use it one time. That means you must book the entire number of hours that the code is good for, when you use it.

    5. If you are booking for more than 1 person per session, use the dropdown field below to select the number of people.

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(Don’t forget to add cs@scalarhealthenhancement.com to your email address book, so you will receive our email notifications about your appointments.)


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Private Party Night Long Sessions


Monday - Friday nights – 9pm - 8am

Cost is $300/person

Only one party at a time (max. 6 people, max. two cars)

Must call for availability and reservation.

Call Today!  704-490-5483

First come, first served.

(Discounts for Veterans)

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