Frequent Frequencies Club


The Frequent Frequencies Club is a monthly membership club that gives you access to member-only special offers and discounts on healing sessions without having to spend a huge chunk of money up front.

This is our version of a frequent flyer program. More healing sessions at a more economical price, and you can pay as you go. PLUS… Special Deals meant only for our club members.

The Club membership is for just 1 month at a time. If you want to continue at the end of the month, just sign up again and you’ll get another month of great deals. 

The primary benefit of being a member is; you get to book your sessions for just $30/hr through our Daytime Sessions Booking Calendar. Just enter the number 1 in the box for FFC Member, choose the date and time for your session and finish checkout.

Even if you plan on booking just 4 hours a month, this still gives you a discount over paying the normal $45/hr. And… the more you buy during the month, the more savings you get!

(Keep in mind that you can only book sessions that fall within the 30 days of your membership and you can only book for yourself.)

Sound good? Let’s get you signed up!



So Why Are We Offering a Membership Club?

We designed this Club to make it more economical for you to come for healing sessions more often, in order to shorten your healing journey. 

The fee for the membership makes it more possible for us to give you a discount on the hourly cost of the sessions and the more frequently you come during the month, the more savings you experience. Plus you can also save on purchases you make in our store.

We hope you will take full advantage of this membership, and come more often so you can kick the healing process into high gear and reach your goals for improving your health much faster.

You deserve to be free from pain, free from medications, and living the quality of life you really want. And with the EESystem, it is within your reach if you really want it, and we would love to help you get there!

There’s no time like the present, to start improving your life and feeling better! 🙂




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