Distance Healing Program


Works for Pets too!

Using the science of quantum entanglement, we are able to send the healing frequencies from our Center, to anyone, anywhere. Although the strength of the frequencies may be diminished, compared to what you receive by being here in person, they can still be very effective.

This is especially important for those who are bed-ridden, hospitalized, or in a nursing home, and not able to come to our Center for a session. It is also very important for keeping cellular energy high in between sessions for those who do come. 


We have added what we call, an Energy Boost of frequencies, targeted at your main areas of concern (which you must fill out on our Client Information Form  once you have signed up for this Program).

This Energy Boost will occur once each week that you are participating in the Distance Healing Program. This will send additional focused energy towards healing those things that are bothering you the most.

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The Problem:

The healing energies you receive when doing a session in our system are residual,  but once you return to the toxic world that caused the problems in the first place, the healing energy can become overwhelmed. The problem comes in, when you cannot make it back for another session before your body’s energy begins to dissipate once again. This means that when you return for another session, your body’s energy must build back up from square one again.

You see, the frequencies are cumulative in your body and do a lot better, quicker job of energizing your cells and helping them heal, if they don’t have to start from scratch each time you visit. The caveat being that most people are not able to do sessions as often as they should, so the healing process takes more time.

So, what we really need is a way to keep the energy level in the cells from falling in between sessions, so better progress can be made with each session.


The Solution:

Distance healing is a valuable and convenient tool to aid your body in its process of healing itself. It helps maintain the needed frequency and energy levels the body needs while in between in-person sessions.

Just like you don’t sleep once in your life or one hour of your night or take a sip of water for the day or eat one morsel of food, in order to be healthy, your body requires your energy to be filled up all day every day. This is what distance healing can do for you. It gives you a constant supply of healing energy all day, every day.

For those who are bed ridden, in a home or hospital and unable to get to a center for in-person sessions, it allows them to receive the flow of energy and frequency that assists their body in its work of healing itself. 

We have been aware of distance healing services for many years, and have also been providing, on a limited basis, distance healing services for specific applications. With our opening of the energy healing center, and the continual requests for help that we have received from people who can’t make it to the center, we have researched how to best provide a distance healing option.

Our challenge was, how to provide the very best energy transfer process possible to offer to our clients. Those of you who know us, are aware that we are not content with providing services that are simply on a par with the norm. We always strive to provide that extra bit that makes our services the very best they can be.

Distance Healing on Steroids

Through our research we came up with a proprietary mix of technology, modalities and resources that allow us to offer the very best possible, most effective distance healing service available anywhere.

While distance healing tends to not be as strong as an in-person session, our distance healing provides a representation of the full array of the energy matrix found in our center, including the ever important task of working to maintain the 70-90 millivolt charge in each of your cells.

With distance healing, it doesn’t matter where you are. Another city, state, country or continent, it doesn’t matter. Since distance healing works on an aspect of quantum entanglement, you can take advantage of our distance healing program no matter where you live or are traveling to. It can be used for pets too!


What We Need From You:

There are a number of things that can be used for distance healing, that contain your unique energy signature, which allows us to send you the healing frequencies from our EESystem utilizing properties of quantum entanglement.

We have chosen to use photographs, which can be taken in our office, or you can send one by text to our phone number (704-four nine zero-5483), or email it to cs@scalarhealthenhancement.com. It’s best if the photo is taken at a high resolution so that the image will be as sharp as possible. 

IMPORTANT!! Please include your full name, and order number and be sure to fill out our Client Information Form .

So place your order here first, and once we receive your photo and client info, we will add you into our system. You will receive the frequencies 24/7, for the length of time that you have purchased.

We will send you an email notification, once your picture has been placed in our system. This will be the starting date of your Program. You will also receive a reminder email 3 days and then 1 day, before your Distance Healing Program expires.

(NOTE: If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE add our email address cs@scalarhealthenhancement.com to your email address book, so our emails will be accepted in your Inbox.)


In addition to the items above, we will also need you to send a pic of your Veteran’s Card or document, as proof of your veteran status. To qualify for the Disabled Veteran Discount, you need to be at least 50% disabled.


Ways to Increase the Strength of the Distance Healing Frequencies:

This is especially helpful for people who are not able to physically come to our Center for sessions. 

  1. Order and wear one of our EEMedallions, which will enhance the distance healing frequencies as you receive them.
  2. Add one of our tensor rings to your EEMedallion, which will enhance the power of the EEMedallion, which will in turn, enhance the distance frequencies even more, along with the unique properties of the tensor ring itself.
  3. If you are able to come to the Center for in-person sessions, wearing the EEMedallion and tensor ring during your session, will enhance the overall effectiveness many fold.




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