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Win-Win with Referrals!

Once you have created an account with us, you are eligible to receive a reward for the first purchase of every person you refer to us. You will see their name and your store credit reward in your account under “Referrals”, once they use the code.

Invite a friend for an introductory offer, via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or email below, (or you can just give it to your friends offline as well) and they’ll get a $35 discount on a 2-hr session booking just by using the coupon code in the message, when they make their booking with us.

Plus, you will get a $10 store credit in your own account with their first order, as our little thank you! (This must be their first time booking with us.)

The coupon code and message are automatically included in all the options below, except for facebook, which requires manual entry. If you are logged into your account, your referral code will show right below here.


How Referral Credits Work: 

All of your earned store credits will be automatically used on your next order. The credit amount is labelled Referral Credit and is shown in the cart and checkout totals. You are not able to choose whether or not to use the credit, it must be used on your next order.


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