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Cancer Tumor Shrinks!

Joe’s cancerous tumor is continuing to decrease in size, as per CT scan recently.

~ Diane W.

Brother had a stroke…

Gotta tell ya… my brother completed his 2nd 2 hour session on an EE system today. His right side has been paralized…but today after his session, he got in the car and raised his right hand all the way up to adjust the sun visor! Amazing!

~ Willie R.

Finally, some Pain Relief!

From my knees to my heart to my thyroid area.
The one thing I don’t like – is that this world it so full of neg energy the body has to fight so much you loose the extra ground you gain in the healing center if you don’t go again.

I’m ok with that as I look back at how much I spent going to see a dr for a whole year that did no good and was very painful each visit. Or the chiropractic I’ve seen for a whole year with no improvement.

Second visit – I was able to relax some much more this time that I did fall asleep. I did not feel the energy this time, but my back was not hurting after the first hour like the first time.

The second visit was on Aug 30 2023. I noticed right away it was easier to get in the car. I though to my self that can’t be. But I watched, taking notice each day.

By the second day Sept 1 2023 I notice I’m not in as much pain. That I could stand and walk a few mins longer and more often.

Third visit on Sept 6th
I heard in my spirit to take off my sneaker so I did. Most times I can feel the energy. I don’t remember feeling it this time but I was able to relax and fall asleep – no pain in my back like the first time.

Later this day my legs were hurting – but the next day the pain/pressure on my knees are so much better going from only being able to stand about 30 second before the pain started – now I’m up to 3-4 mins and can stand for about 7-10 up from 2-3 mins.

The only thing, I have not been able to detox in the tub since I can’t get in the tub. I have a bad rash on my neck and I’m thinking it’s part of the detox so today 9/9 I’m going to fast more to help detox my body.

~ Ruth R.

Anxiety no More

I would like to start by saying that my experience at the Scalar Health Enhancement Center has been nothing short of amazing. I have completed 20 hours at this center and will share one thing in particular that was so healing.

I found myself in a hostage situation six weeks before my sessions. After completing three sessions to total ten hours from 3/28 thru 3/30, I lost all anxiety related to that incident.

My salt bath turned grey after the third day, demonstrating that toxins were definitely being released.

Leslie and Sonny have spared no expense to assure our comfort and the center is located in a heavenly, peaceful environment.

I have experienced the EESYSTEM in another state and I was very satisfied, but the Kannapolis Center is by far the best. I will certainly continue to enjoy my sessions at this location.

I cannot say enough about my experience. If you do decide to give it a try, you will not be sorry. Thank you so much!

~ Susan D.

More Energy & Hair Returning to Natural Color

Neither Brady or I have any specific physical issues we were hoping to improve; however we both feel like we receive a brain energy infusion. We have more physical energy and more thought clarity after five 2 hr sessions.

The extremely interesting thing is this. My hair has been growing quickly and the new growth is dark rather than grey. My hair is now so much darker that it is noticeable to other prople as well as me. We recommend the treatment center to other people as often as it seems appropriate.

~ Ruth S.

Knee Injury Improvement

I had hurt my knee a week before when skiing so it was a great marker to have for this treatment. I was limping before and since the treatment I can walk! I still have some pain but it is soooo much better… I would love to see what it does for my fatigue and inflammation over time. 

~ Kathryn L.

Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief & Best Sleep Ever

My visit with Scalar Health Enhancement Center was my first time being exposed to an EE system. I found the facility to be very calming, clean and accommodating.

During my two hour session I did doze off, it was the best sleep that I have had in years! Though I probably only dozed for around 1 hr 25 minutes I actually felt relaxed and refreshed.

While driving home I realized that my shoulders and neck no longer felt locked up but rather relaxed! A feeling I also have not had in years. The next day my body felt like I had had a 2 hour deep tissue massage.

I would like to note that I drove 3 hours for this experience and plan to do it again soon.

~ D.K.

Totally Satisfying Experience

While I found the ant-gravity chairs to be very comfortable, my wife has a problem sitting in almost any kind of chair. Learning of this, a cot was made available for her. As a result, the second session was by far more enjoyable for her..

Another thing that added to our experience for the second session was the addition of a blindfold and headphones. Very nice!

Overall, I cannot imagine how y’all could do anything beyond what you’re already doing to enhance the experience. We realize you’re in a temporary location. However, I cannot imagine how a new facility could do much to enhance the experience itself.

Once a person is seated, they put on the blindfold and headsets, let the technology do the work, the location ceases to matter. Besides, you’re in a beautiful, tranquil area.

With the exception of perhaps a more professional location, I don’t know how you would improve on that…especially since a professional location is not going to enhance the session…which is what we’re there for.

We didn’t expect results immediately. So, we’ll wait a few more sessions to pass any judgement on that.

Perhaps due to the continuation of our daily energy practice, neither of us experienced any detox symptoms. Though that may come with future sessions. Time will tell.

One last note, I truly appreciate your discount for disabled veterans. Thank you!

Thank you for what you do and your commitment to healing.

~ Michael G.

Heightened Senses, Arthritis Relief, Better Sleep & Bliss

What a wonderful place of Healing you have set up. Mere words are not enough to describe how good you feel afterward. My daughter and I both had 2 hr sessions, it was so relaxing!

The first thing we noticed when we came outside was the colors around us were so much brighter,the sounds..Like birds chirping so much sharper. Truly an overall sense of peace and relaxation.

I was in a lot of pain when I arrived because of the long drive and the severe arthritis that I have been suffering from for over 20 years in my spine and joints.

After my session everything felt so much better and I could stand a little straighter as well. On the way to the hotel (about 15 mins away) My pointer finger that had been frozen in place just released as I turned the steering wheel..amazed us both.

That night was the first night in years that I slept 5 hrs straight because of chronic pain, and I never sleep well in hotels!!! We had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and general wellness!

It was an honor to meet you both, thank you for this wonderful, healing place. We are already saving up for our next trip there.

My daughter and I both did a cleanse and water fast for a few days before our session and I really do think it helps gain the most benefit from these treatments. I just can’t thank you both enough for giving us this wonderful healing place. Hope to see you both soon!

~ Tricia W.

Improved Healing Ability, Weight Loss and Blood Pressure, just doing the Distance Healing

My BP is coming down and over the past 30 days I have released 11 pounds.

I’m still dealing with pain… knees, back, hips .. but it is improving and an amazing thing is that the sores on my legs started healing much faster 🙂

~ Terri L.

Permanent Loss of Vision is Reversing

The eyesight in my left eye is my “canary in the coal mine”, a good indicator of my overall health. The vision was quite limited due to radiation damage from treatments to eradicate melanoma in my eye. Both my optometrist and eye surgeon said the loss of vision was permanent.

Multiple injections in the eye slowed the progression of the loss, but did not correct it. The visual acuity in the left eye was similar to macular degeneration. An opaque gray blob totally occluded my central vision. I could not see the big E on the eye chart.

I go to the Scalar Health Enhancement Center in Kannapolis once or twice a week for 2 hour sessions. My vision has cleared dramatically. The vision is not perfect (yet) but the blob is completely gone. I can see colors and images throughout my entire field of vision.

I appreciate Sonny and Leslie for bringing this amazing technology to our local area. The healing center they have created is comfortable and inviting.

So many of their unique enhancements add to the experience. The comfortable recliners, meditative music provided with individual earphones, eye masks and cozy blankets are just a few of the amenities they have added to compliment the Scalar healing experience.

~ Jill T.

Shoulder Pain Gone!

OMG! I almost texted you at 5:30am but restrained myself.

For the past 6 mo. My shoulders hurt during the night & when I wake up. Last night, I woke up and had absolutely NO PAIN and this morning they are still pain free! Thank you, Thank you!

~ Joan M.

Pressure in Eye Disappears

So I am seeing significant changes with my right eye, the first test showed significant numbers pressure but the last test no longer even shows this as an issue.

My eye Dr could not figure how what caused the pressure to go down to normal so I know it was this treatment.

The eyesight continues to clear all other numbers are improved as well, so so thankful this works no doubt!

~ Anna W.

Tinnitus Wellness Aid & Eye Irritation Relief

I had a wonderful experience at the center.  I understand that it is a gradual process. Before I left (Monday),  I purchased a few items. One of them being a button for tinnitus. 
The next morning my ears started again with a high pitch frequency, which I have had constantly since last year. I retrieved the button, and a amplifier. As soon as I put it in my hand, the ringing stopped. 
It is now Thursday night. I feel like the irritation in my right eye is reducing. 
I can’t wait to return, for another session. 
~ John B.

Stronger and More Energized

During my sessions, I just start relaxing and meditating. Since the addition of the headphones with music, it’s a LOT easier:-))

I get different sensations at different times, such as chills and the feeling of rivers (not trickles) of energy flowing just under my skin (along meridians?). I love it!!

When I get up, I’m always in an altered state, which passes in about 30 minutes. I’ve been coming for sessions to try to help alleviate my essential tremors, by detoxing and repairing nerve damage due to farm chemical exposure as a child.

It’s hard to tell if there is any actual change, but I am feeling much stronger and energized. Before I started coming for my sessions, I was on a downward spiral but since the EE System sessions, I feel like I’ve jumped to a more positive timeline:-))

Very exciting stuff!!

~ Joan M.

Sjogren’s Symptoms and Lupus Pain Decreased – Sleeping Better

The 3 of us loved it. We all felt very relaxed and tingly after 2 hours of treatment. My daughter and I both experienced dreams while in the room.

Daughter has lupus and her pain has decreased.

She was unable to touch her abdomen due to trauma post surgery involving removal of muscles. She can now touch her abdomen with no pain.

She could not sleep. Sleeping well since. She and I both with no needed trips to potty during the night.

My mouth is not dry in the morning, I have sjogren’s diagnosis , it has previously been notable.

Her lupus pain is lessened to tolerable limit.

We have been using the activated stones for sleep, pain, decalcify pineal glad. When I slept with last one under my pillow one week after the session I woke sweating as if detoxing. No other explanation we know.

We are looking forward to returning soon. We would have gone again in a few days if lived closer to the center.

No doubt it made notable changes. Trying to coordinate other family to come with us next time.

Thank you for a wonderful healing experience. We know we had notable healing and changes.

Still watching for lack of recurrence of problems I have had. We both have many challenges and are aware our bodies will not heal all with one session.

Hope to see you again soon!

~ Ann R.

Enhanced Sleep and Relaxation

We had a great experience with the EE System. My husband was able to go into a deep sleep while there which was much needed and very refreshing. I was also able to sleep during most of it and was very relaxed through all of it…the music on the headphones was thoroughly enjoyable.

Also, we did a one hour meditation on the day after our session and we both had a great experience with it! We’ve tried doing this meditation in the past but found it tedious and difficult to stay awake through the whole thing. But this time it was very easy and allowed us to expand our consciousness and feel refreshed afterward.

Thanks for all you’re doing for humanity!!!

~ Debbe and Rick

Back Pain & Arthritis Pain Relief

I feel great since going to the center, my back pain has gone away completely, and I have more energy.

I actually have no pain from arthritis in my joints and my strength has improved when working out with a trainer. I was able to lift only 5 lbs. in hand weights before coming to the center. Now I can use 7.5 lb. to 15 lb. weights depending on the exercises, which according to my doctor is great for my health.

~ Patricia P.

Incontinence Relief

I am so happy to be able to return to the Scalar Health Enhancement Center to soak up more positive energy. My body responded very well during my initial 4 hours and another 2 hours of treatment about 3 weeks ago.

In particular my incontinence issue went away completely for about 2.5 weeks. So I am back to increase the number of hours of treatment to give my body even more time to allow the Power that Made my Body to Heal my Body.

~ Alice J.

Addicted to the Experience

I loved the experience of being somewhat sensory depraved, to more fully be integrated with the frequencies. Having the music is such an added plus. Don’t think I would enjoy it now without that! Like the sensation of going “deep”…checking out…and not doing anything. Very relaxing. 

The fact that Scalar Health gives you a physical “screening” for a starting point so that you can check on your progress is just more icing on the cake!… I’ve done 2, 2hr sessions and am going back for more. It’s addictive for me…:)) will be happy to have another screening to see what has changed…..I’m all in.

~ Jan A.