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Scalar Health Enhancement Center

Featuring the Energy Enhancement System (EES)

Dr. Sandra Rose Michaels’ Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) uses scalar and photon energy and other bio-active energy fields for frequency healing results that support a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

OPEN FOR BOOKINGS! in the Charlotte, NC area.

"The Energy Enhancement System (E.E.S.), is a new technology that generates a theraputic energy field, (Scalar Wave), that raises the energy level of every cell in the body to its optimum level; (70-90 millivolts), within a two hour therapy session...  The results, which have been obtained with this therapy, are quite frankly miraculous!"

~ Dr. James DeBoer, DC Spine Institute, Palm Springs, CA

Common Benefits From Spending Time in an EESystem


Optimizing cellular energy levels and improving immune function by 149%.

Balances both hemispheres of the brain = super learning, and more.

Relief from severe pain even in cases of metastasized cancers.

Profound effects on your DNA

Stimulates the regenerative processes and DNA repair. Also increases covalent level of hydrogen atoms that hold DNA together and has a positive effect on anti-aging processes and maintenance.

Clumped blood cells no longer stick together.

Live Blood Cell Analysis before and after being in the Energy Enhancement System for two hours.


"While working in Hawaii, I had the daily use of an EESystem. It helped me to recover from breast cancer and improved my eye sight. I felt relaxed, more confident and happier!"
Linda Greenslade - Colchester, UK
"After 1 year of medical attention for her heart palpitations and constant throbbing and pounding sound in her head, they are gone after 16 hours in the EESystem."
Chiyoko Urabe Lawai, Kauai
"I wanted to let you know the results of Lacy's test after her first two hours in the EESystem ... The results are as follows: Lacy's Lupis is now in remission, her pancreas count was 519 before the experience and it is now 92. Her doctor told her that he feels she will not need the pancreas operation.

Scalar Health Enhancement Center is a project of the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church (FSHC), which is a church with all the privileges and immunities defined by Title 26 USC section 6033, the church is a religious order and therefore has complete immunity to disclosure, which will pertain to its integrated auxiliaries/associations/trust and PRIVATE entity creation.

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