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What are They?

Quantum Applic-aids are discs with a holographic image, printed on a foil back and encased in a silicone bubble, and imprinted with frequencies that benefit the health of your body. Each one comes with a clear adhesive patch, so you can attach it to a meridian on your body, for best results.

While you are wearing it, your body responds to the frequencies, which give it what it needs to heal itself from various problems.

The imprinted frequencies will store forever in the disc, until it is used. The discs are designed for short periods of use, but will usually last for up to a week before you need to replace it. 


What do They Help With?

We have pre-programmed Applic-aids for a number of different purposes like:

  1. Promoting Stem Cell & Gutathione Production & Energizing the Mitochondria
  2. Hormone & Emotional Balance
  3. Clearing Negative Energies & Protecting from EMF, 5G & 6G radiation
  4. Enhancing the Immune System
  5. Anti-aging
  6. Pain Reduction
  7. Energy & Stamina
  8. Allergies
  9. Arthritis

To purchase, go to our sister store here: ScalarFrequencyHealing.com/product/quantum-applic-aids/



Personal Optimization Applic-aids

Another thing we can do with the Applic-aids is imprint them with the optimization frequencies from a personal biofeedback scan, which we do when you come for a session in our EESystem room. That way you can take your personal optimization with you, all day, everywhere! Just by wearing the Quantum Applic-aid, you can keep the healing process going.