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REVIVE | Awaken the Healer Within | TONY ROBBINS
THIS is the TRUE SCIENCE behind the Energy Enhancement System technology… SIMPLIFIED!!!
EE-System Transmission | Share this to help humanity!!!

Premiered Sep 8, 2022
The following video is intended to act as a transmission of powerful energy to assist you in accessing deeper portions of yourself. Watch this video to experience the benefits of this powerful transmission

Please note that although this transmission may positively impact your life, it does NOT have the same effect of physically being in the same room as the technology. No need to constantly watch this. Being around it is enough just as you would in a center, only a center is much stronger of course when you are there physically 🙂

The Revolution of Healing (part 1)

This interview between Dr Michael and Jason Shurka explains the EE System technology and the mission of Energy Enhancement Technology. Part 1 of 2


The Revolution of Healing (part 2)
Your Questions Answered: LIVE Q&A with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael
Can SOUND Heal Through Frequencies Affecting Brainwaves?
Apr 26, 2022

All of us suffer from radiation issues, most especially now in the advent of technology.

Timothy J. Hayes, Psy.D sits with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the Founder and Inventor of Energy Enhanced System (EESystem). Dr. Sandra explains how radiation unzips our DNA, causing tremendous damage.

What Bio-Scalar Enhanced Energy Systems does is it reverses the damage. When the right energy enters our bodies, healing takes place. Discover how scalar energy technology helps people get the healthy energy they need to recover. They’ve even helped many veterans struggling with PTSD.


Dr Sandra Rose Michael explains EEsystem.