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quantum magnetic resonance Body Analyzer


This is a question that comes up frequently. Many people, who have difficulty with being truly aware of their body, walk away from energy healing session feeling that it didn’t work for them. Especially because, as a society, we have been conditioned to expect immediate solutions. “Here, take this pill and you will feel better.” You won’t BE better, but it will cover up the symptoms so you FEEL better, at least until it wears off and comes back again.

While, for a lot of people, a session in our Scalar Health Enhancement Center can have immediate effect, such as pain relief, feeling less stressed, better energy, better mood, less stiffness, as a couple examples. But the deeper, serious healing takes more time.

So, when you are dealing with deeper, more serious issues, how do you know that it’s working?


Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Scan to the Rescue.

Here at Scalar Health Enhancement Center, we provide a Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Scan as part of our service. This scan is non-invasive and only takes a couple minutes.

By coming regularly, you can compare each new scan to the last one. This process shows you, in black and white, what is happening in your body and the progress you are making. It is actually exciting to watch the scan results change over a period of time.

The way the scan works, is that, at any given second, literally billions of cells are sub-dividing, dying, growing, etc. All that action creates electrical current. The technology scans all your body systems and registers this electrical current.

The level of current registered in each system is an indicator of that systems condition which gets listed as a number. The scanning system shows you the normal range for others with the same age, sex, height, weight as you and shows you your numbers so you can see where your system is in comparison.

Scans are not done more frequently than once a week, but since the energy from our healing matrix continues working in you for several days after your session, Weekly, or even a little longer is enough to keep a vigilant eye on your condition and your progress.

So, go to “Book a Healing Session” to set up an appointment to start getting your health and energy back to where it is supposed to be.



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