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Here at the Scalar Health Enhancement Center we feature the EESystem by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. However, we go a step farther. We provide a hybrid system.


What is a hybrid system?

A hybrid system contains elements of any number of complimentary systems. These elements are melded into a cohesive matrix with the purpose of creating a more effective result with greater flexibility than any single system.

In our case, we have taken the remarkable technology that Dr. Michael has developed and added a couple, pure scalar units to our center. These additional units allow us to add increased density to the scalar field as well as a variety of additional healing frequencies to the overall energy matrix. With this addition, we are able to add extra strength healing frequencies, targeted to various, specific conditions as needed.


How we use this hybrid system.

Using the EESystem equipment, we provide a scalar field, with the addition of photon energy and several additional bio-active energies. These energies produce an optimal healing environment that can assist the body to begin healing itself.

With our additional equipment we add additional, targeted, optimal health frequencies to the healing environment energy matrix. For instance, on a general basis, we add a healing and regeneration program and an anti-covid program. These work with the EESystem energies to provide an increased powerhouse of tools for your body to use in it’s journey of healing itself.

We also have frequency programs that we can add for specialized health challenges.

Stop in to see how you can benefit from our program, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


Our Mission is to assist in the healing of humanity.

The Scalar Health Enhancement Center, as well as the Scalar Frequency Healing line, are projects of the Free Spirit Humanitarian Church. Our sole purpose is to assist in the healing of humanity at all levels. As such, we are a non-profit organization.



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